Reincarnated Me ~ Short Story

What follows is a true story for those of you who believe in metaphors.

Beware: before reading this it is recommended to wear sunblock that is SPF 30 or above and also watch out for spiders.

I can not believe that this is happening to me. Again.  All I want to do is lie on the sofa.

I just want writer’s block but the words won’t stop coming. This typewriter that sits in this empty room calls out to me.  If I could only stop these words than I could lay down on that sofa and sleep.

I get up and walk over to this old typewriter.  The keys are white circles with black letters.  The striking hammers make this god-awful sound as it pushed the letter into the paper. The body of this typewriter is made out of wood; it must have been hand-carved, I’m guessing, in the late 1800’s. I place my hands on the keys. I take three deep breaths.  Then it happens….

: "There was no big bang, only witnesses changing the channel." This is whispered in my ear. 
: In an ecstasy of an odyssey a fantasy for all to see.
: In the beginning we all fell to our knees with prayers of hoping to believe.
: In the end we killed each other for our own self-fulfilling greed.

: As for me, I watch myself be reincarnated in front of my own eyes. My soul is ripped out of my body and turned into a giant supernova in the sky. Then explodes into a thousand tiny white butterflies that forms into a body-like figure.  Next it turns into a cocoon then breaks free into the reincarnated-me.
: “You want to know what the sound of one hand clapping is?” the reincarnated-me asks me?
: "It is the reincarnated-self slapping the current-embodiment-of-you right in the face." He says.
: Bam, slapped right in the kisser.  
: Finally, an existential truth that I can understand.
: "You must know the ego before you can kill the ego. Reject all forms of transformation, self included." This is whispered in my ear.
:“How many times are we going to have to go through this?” The reincarnated-me asks? 
: The reincarnated me says to the current-embodiment-self, “Do you want to see the end of the world?”
: The current-embodiment-self (me) replies, “No.” “Too bad.”, reincarnated me answers.
: With his left hand he touches the ground, with his right hand he reaches up into the sky and parts the clouds, then proceeds to pull down the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The reincarnated me jumps up on a white horse screaming something in Spanish as he rides away.

: "Evolution is for losers, creation is for dreamers." This is whispered in my ear.

: As for me, currently I live in the ever-present now.  Sometimes I leave it to visit the future but it's never as good as you would think.

Bourbon, I need bourbon. I get up form my desk and walk into the kitchen.  I grab a small clear glass off the countertop, three ice cubes into the glass and four ounces of bourbon. I sniff my drink, I look deep into the colors and swirl the liquid around and then drink it straight down.  Back to my desk, the typewriter awaits.  I place my hands on the keys….