Reincarnated Me ~ Short Story ~ Part 2

You can read part 1 (here)

My life has become a true-metaphor. It may be nonsensical yet literally it is meaningful for me to share this story with you. At this point you must re-apply more sunblock before reading further on and I told you to watch out for the spiders.

This would be a good time to fill you in on my backstory of how this all began.  But I will not.  Just know this: there is no normal.

The typewriter calls out to me, my back aches for the sofa. I place my hands of the keys and then it happens, again.

: I listen past the silence.  The din slowly fades away.
: For 40 days I did nothing but listen past the silence.
: "Do not trust angels", this is whispered in my ear.
: 40 days of sitting still in the ever-present silence, this is what arises:
: The Bodhi tree grows from sprout to full blossom to death.
: The ark is built then sailed then abandoned...I watch the ark decay back into the soil.
: 40 days of desert, 40 days of the devil...it's always 40 days.
: "Do not trust angels for they created you", this is whispered in my ear.
: Satan becomes a creator, society names him God.
: The serpent in the garden of Eden was not the devil tempting mankind, it was Jesus the Christ showing us that we have been duped by Satan and that we are now separated from that which created us. 
: The location of the Garden of Eden is in Bellevue Heights in Australia. Google it.
: "Do not trust the Australians", this is whispered in my ear. 
: Angels always have one wing dipped in blood. Nothing good ever happens when they whisper in your ear.
: Life of poverty, life of service, life of strapping a bomb to your chest. This is all due to Angels.
: Do not listen to Angles.
: Truth or fact, which quality outshines the other? You need at least two drinks before this question gets interesting. 
: Truth or fact, which quality outlasts the other? This is the question worth answering.

: The reincarnated me rides past me, still on the back of a horse.
: Reincarnated me yells out “Your heart burns like fire but your eyes are cold as dead ashes.”
: Current-self-embodiment answers, “Ok, ride on apocalyptic-boy, your type of crazy is not needed here."
: “40 more days to go, always think twice before answering me”, reincarnated me yells back at me from atop his horse.

: I listen past the silence to hear my original voice.
: That is love and I’ll be here till the end of time. 

I look down at my finger tips and they are bloody.  I go into the bathroom  and place three squirts of anti-bacterial soap on my tooth brush and place it in my mouth.  24 brush strokes on top and 19 brush strokes on the bottom.  I spit out the bitter soap-goo into my hand then wash my finger tips clean with this concoction of saliva and soap.  My fingers burn.  A billy-goat sits on the toilet smoking a Marlboro cigarette wearing a Boston Celtics t-shirt. He saying something in Spanish as I walk away.