What would my life look like if I could not fail?

What would my life look like if I could not fail? That was the question that I was asked today. Visualize yourself floating in the Great Salt Lake (America’s Dead Sea), think of it as a symbolic rebirth. How would I answer?

The first thought that arose in my mind is that I would want to be Brice Springsteen. Seriously. I want to have done the work that Springsteen did. Born to Run written and preformed by me, John Craig. It's an awful thought that the first thing I would want is for the life of Springsteen to dissolve and have my name inserted. To have those experiences, written the songs and played all those shows that he did. That was the first thought I had. Blame my conscience, I am just the witness to what is arising.

After giggling at myself and feeling slightly ashamed I gave it some real thought and I came to realize that I am very happy with the life I have built.

What I want is my life with the fears removed and the assurance that I am doing the right thing blessed by God. A divine voice that tells me YES, that is the right action, be not afraid.

To know that I am raising my daughter to be kind and intelligent.
To know that I am a good husband, partner and friend to my wife.
To keep my business fluid and successful.
To have “just” the right amount of clients.
To have “just" the right amount of money.
To have no fear of my health falling apart.
To be able to sit on the meditation mat for 45 minutes a day.
To be able to do 20 pull-ups effortlessly.
To climb Mount Everest (with my wife's blessing) (insert from wife: No.)
To travel the world with my family.
To earn a living traveling the world with my family.
To motivate people to live a healthy life through a creative practice.
To have the assurance that I am living a life of purpose and effort.

There is also the space that I would create for my life if it could not fail.

I would open a studio space that is suited for photographing and meeting with clients. We currently do have a studio space but it's not the grand space that I dream of.

This space would have 20 foot ceilings with hardwood floors, white walls and natural light flowing in from the east side in the morning and west side in the evening. It would have dressing rooms, a full kitchen, a beautiful sitting room, complete workstation and of course so much square footage that I would never again have to trip over equipment.

My wife's Intimates photography would be held there. I would teach workshops and give classes on “Unleashing Your Creativity”.

I can visualize it all. A space for business, creativity, health and discovery of what is possible.

The only thing that I cannot seem to answer is why I have to float over the Great Salt Lake to get my answers?