Endure More Pain

Pushing yourself to the extreme. Can I do it? How much pain (or suffering) can I endure to reach my goal?

As of late I have been reading every book that I can on the topic of pushing yourself past the breaking point. I am researching, trying to find similarities to what makes these people successful in their sports and in their lives.

Reading these books I am finding one theme running throughout the each story: suffering and the ability to endure more pain than the person next to them. From ultra running to navy seals to cycling they all say the same thing, “I am not in any better condition than the athletes to my left or right, all I can do is tolerate more suffering than the rest of the competitors”.

Buddhism teaches us that suffering is the path to being awakened. See the lesson of the “Four Noble Truths” and Eight Fold Noble Path” to read up on the philosophy.

Jesus would have to endure excruciating pain to deliver his message with meaning. If not for what he had to endure his teachings would of died off long ago, even with the resurrection.

Suffering is pain, but it is also a mindset.

I have been asking myself: what is my breaking point? How far can I push my muscles and mind to exhaustion. This begs the question of why? Pain is pain and pain hurts. What's the point of undergoing suffering? I am not training for anything, not a race, not a hike, not a climb. I am training for life, a life to live with effort and purpose.

This is what I need to discover for myself. How much fuller will I be able to live if I can continue to push myself passed the point of fatigue.

I go on 5 mile walks a day, I do 25 push ups and 10 pulls and I feel strong. At no point do I really “push” myself because if I get tired or fatigue I sit and rest.

What if I push myself passed the pain.

Could I write with flow, photograph with a clearer mind's eye? Could I be a more attentive father and husband?

Conscious suffering in body, mind and soul...it takes lots of heart and lots of strength....I’ll let you know how I do.

If you have book recommendations on this topic please e-mail me. Also, if you have a personal success story of this topic please e-mail me. I’m interested!