Story within a Single Frame

Facing my uncomfortable zone. My one hour street photography project continued this past Friday. After having lunch with a fellow photographer and discussing my fears of street photography, I took off into the cold streets of Pittsburgh to shoot.

Shoot intentional; this is the advice he gave me. It was the second time I had a conversation with him on the theme of shooting intentionally.

For an hour I walked with camera in hand feeling uncomfortable, awkward and slightly nervous. My photography career has been broken into two major styles of photography, people and non-people. Photographing people is the easy part of my career. I direct, they listen. I have control. Non-people (landscape, nature, ambient, abstract) is also easy as long as Mother Nature does her part. Find a location, set up the tripod and wait for the splendor and glory to compose herself for the shot.

Street photography is the third leg to my photography. Photographing life without interacting or being invited, without a predetermined event to cover. Last year I documented the G20 Summit that was held in Pittsburgh. After that I thought how easy street and photojournalistic photography was.

I was wrong.

Shooting an event is shooting an event, but having the ability to see a story within a single frame is a skill. A skill that I am committed to developing.

After giving up I duck into a coffeehouse to warm up. From my table I took the above photo, a happy accident.