Is The Internet Changing The Way You Think

Finished reading “Is The Internet Changing The Way You Think?” edited by John Brockman, 150 of the world's top thinkers answer this question.

Brockman doesn't seem to be interested in my view on this subject but I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

At first glance the easy answer is how the Internet has changed the way I live, not how I think. I sit a lot more. I opened a business without the need of a brick and mortar storefront. I have a lot more free stuff.

I think the same as I did before the advent of the Internet.

I research, read, receive daily news, watch TV, run a business, listen to music, network, meet friends, catch up with old friends, dream, travel, and purchase useless stuff...lots of it, all before the Internet.

Still I have no idea why the Internet is a capitalized word? Is "Internet" a proper noun?

I Googled that question to discover that it is a proper noun because there is only one worldwide Internet.

When thinking about that question my answer came to me.

When I am plugged into the net I am smarter. When I am disconnected I am dumber. Simple but true, my universal knowledge has expanded but my mind has not.

The ability to act, live, take action, to discover without needing to ask the Internet-machine first, that is thinking.

I am feeling reactive today but hey, that is just my thoughts….