Washington D.C.

Spent some time in Washington D.C. over the Thanksgiving weekend. Traveling during a holiday weekend was easier than I expected.

Went down D.C. to do some night photography of the city. The art portfolio of our website has not been updated in awhile. In the last year I have been traveling much more than previous years but I have not taken photos of the cities that I have been in. In this upcoming year a stronger focus on creating photos for art portfolio is a goal.

While in D.C. we ate at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was my first time enjoying the cuisine. We ate a plate of sautéed vegetables served on a sheet of bread named “Injera”. Injera is made from the teff flour and it is a crepe thin bread that you use to scoop up the food. No utensils are used for the meal, only your hands and Injera bread.

Good cuisine, new experience and bad wine. We selected a bottle of wine that the grapes came from Ethiopia and bottled in California, not good, at all.

The photography did not turn out as I hoped. The photos will not make it to the website but I have shared a previous photos (HERE) on the blog and the photo above I like but it's not art portfolio worthy.

The weather was windy, extremely. My tripod, which is heavy, was shaking in the wind. It was the first time my tripod could not stand up to the elements.