Rant on Social Media

Social media has become way too corporate and commercialized for me to employ as a trustworthy tool.

Is social media transparent or media-hyped for big biz? Is there any part of “social” left or is it all just “media”?

I cannot watch a commercial or buy a product without being asked to follow them (insert company name here) to become a follower (insert cult reference here). I do not want to follow a product or company. I want to learn something new, daily, from a person.

I am Twittered out, Facebooked over. The oddest (most enjoyable) hypocritical thing is that this rant will automatically be fed by RSS to Facebook and somebody will most likely share this link on Twitter.

Disclaimer of the hypocritical writer alert:

I like Facebook & Twitter… I used and will use them for my photography biz and personal connection. (Friend me, please?...we could get coffee together)

Let me end this rant with a quote by Douglas Rushkoff.

“As many small business owners soon learned, going online often costs them their last real competitive advantage against conglomerates; the human relationship and connections they enjoyed in the real world.”

Going out for a cup of coffee….