Modus Operandi

Jonathan Fields, blogger, author, and serial entrepreneur, recently wrote a blog post titled “What’s Your Creative Modus Operandi?” For us non-Latin speaking, Modus Operandi translated in English is Method of Operating.

I get this question a good deal during conversation, “How do I set up my space/self to create?” Jonathan listed 18 things to think about when creating or preparing your space/self. Here are my thoughts on the “how of why” of what I do.

Clothes – When writing at home I wear old t-shirts no socks, pants optional.

Sound – Instrumental music when writing. Loud rock music when editing photos.

Light – Natural, natural, natural light as much as possible. At nighttime I prefer the glow of the screen with no additional ambient light

Location - Home office for typing , for journal writing I like the library and a few select coffee houses in the area, especially if I am in a creative-non-fiction mood of writing. Then I definitely go out of house.

Directionality – At home facing a clean white wall, out of house I try to find a corner seat that faces a window to the street but also which gives me a good view of what is happening inside.

Time of Day – Dawn & dusk for both writing and photography.

Routine/Spontaneity – Both. I keep a journal with me at all times, almost.

Long periods or short bursts – Short busts of capturing an idea and long periods of over-thinking, editing and usually going back to the short burst and publishing that as is, with typos corrected by my wife.

Carry something to capture ideas on the fly? - Yep, journal and voice recorder app on my phone.

Squeaky Clean or Squalor – Clean is good, clean work space is great!

Clean or dirty - Clean

Solo or surrounded - Solo for both writing and photography (personal work)

Digital or analogue – Both

What fuels you? – Miso soup this week

Leaded or unleaded? – Half caf, half decaf. Thinking about becoming a tea drinker.

Breaks – Sure, yep, why not… I play guitar or go for a walk. Something to rest the mind and the eyes. Fresh air helps a lot also.

Mindset practices that fuel creation – Showering, driving, eves-dropping, yep, I am a stealer of ideas but only the good ones, hopefully.

Movement practices that fuel creation – Yoga and walks in the woods...I know that sounds contrite but its true.

What's your "Modus Operandi?" I would love to know....

Thanks for reading...