Connected, Disconnected and Suffering

What is more of an odd feeling, being connected or disconnected?

Tuesday morning I am drinking coffee and sharing a piece of toast with my daughter. The news headline is that President Obama will being holding his address to the nation tonight and the topic will be on the end of the war in Iraq.

Accept for news headlines I have been disconnected from this war. Sure, I have shared my opinions during conversation (my opinion is war sucks, George Bush was wrong and Saddam Hussein was evil, good riddance). But I was never connected to the war. I have not met one soldier who served. I have not met one family affected by the loss of a loved one. I have not met one community suffering from the loss of the young men and women who have left home to serve. (God bless you, all of you for your services)

The last decade in America was war. How could I have not been affected at all? How could I feel no pain or see no suffering? How could I not even have been a spectator?

I am sorry for my actions. For my disconnect. I am sorry for the prayers that I have not offered up.

Later in the day I walked to the bank and then to the post office and then to the drug store. I buy shampoo. I stand in the cashier's line waiting to pay behind an old man buying his daily newspaper. His mobile phone rings…”yes, they are shipping home the body today from Afghanistan.” He pays for his paper I pay for my shampoo.

When I walk out of the drug store I see the man leaning against his car crying, trying to recompose himself.

I feel connected.