After completing the research for the “HOW TO EVERYTHING: PHOTO 101” workshop I had the epiphany that understanding your camera is confusing. This is why:

Anything small is large, and anything large is small
Everything has two names, which mean the same thing
Everything has a dual purpose
Photograph the light first, subject second

What the...Photography jargon is confusing, repetitious and mostly not needed. I have no idea why the photography language has evolved into what it is.

Beyond the confusion lies simplicity ~ this is what you will learn in the workshop.

Using your camera in manual mode is easy, creative, fun and will open a new view of how you see the world.

What you will learn:-Understanding exposure-How to use your camera in manual mode-How to take a photo “correctly” in camera-Natural light techniques-Understanding your lens

Location: Historic North Side of Pittsburgh at Annie O’Neill Studios
Date: September 17, 2009Address: 502 W. North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212Time: 6pm – 9pmCost: $55.00

Contact Elizabeth Craig at 724.355.9079 or by email at craigphotography@mac.com for more information and to register.