Explore & Fountain

I spent last week glued to the TV watching this show about two friends exploring the world and following a map. It’s the story of a girl and a monkey who are both bilingual in English and Spanish. They romped around the globe getting into all types of adventures. What’s in her backpack is her only aid for keeping out of trouble. Here’s the link to the show (HERE) oh yeah…my daughter was a little sick last week also, just an FYI.

In between being coughed on and snuggling with an angel I have been reading “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. Last year I gave reading this a try but had to put it down after a 100 pages. Currently, I am about 100 pages from completion of this mammoth work.

I am still not sure if I like this book but Rand’s words have been making me think. Howard Roark, the noble and indifferent man who chose to work and live within society vs. Henry Thoreau, the noble and indifferent man who decides to leave society to work and live.

You can read my past thoughts of Rand’s work (HERE). In the end I still object to objectivism.