I object to objectivism philosophy

I have been trying to read the Rand novel, “The Fountainhead”. Throughout reading the book all I could think about is how much I object to the influence this book had on American capitalism. All while enjoying the story, Rand can develop characters like no other. Typically I am ok with a writer placing their academic ideas into the form of a novel. I compare it to a “get out of jail card free”; all the academic intentions without having to quote any sources. In this case, my pre-exposure to Rand’s philosophy will not let me enjoy the work.

To add insult to injury, I have a firm belief in separating the work from the person. Hence, you can be a bad husband and a good president (Clinton), or you can be a good husband (Bush) and a bad president. The work should stand on its own, separate from the person. This is a good place to inject a creation (vs.) (&) included evolution rant, but I won’t.

Apologetically, I had to put the Rand novel down. I could not keep my attention on the writing. My thoughts just kept glazing towards the influence of the work.

Sorry, Howard Roark, I think I would have liked you… Although I think Roark would have agreed to my objection.