On Being a Prius Owner “so-far”

Things that have disappointed me “so-far” about being a Prius owner:

-People do not applaud when I enter a building.
-Starkbucks does not give me free soy lattés.
-Being an elitist is lonely
-Savings of only 19 cents a month on car insurance.
-I cannot find my car in an Ikea parking lot.
-Al Gore still will not accept my phone calls.
-Nobody cares that I’m an eco-snob.
-No key??? It comes with a smart key which is actually called a fob. I fear all things called “fob”.
-Not sure if the Prius is Scientology approved (read this).
-As of yet to have my name added to the celebrity hybrid drivers list.
-Bumper sticker confusion? Do I place an Apple logo, Vegans are Cool, Enlighten-Up, Coexist on my Prius’s backside?

Things that I love about being a Prius owner “so-far”:

-It’s the coolest iPod accessory ever.
-You don’t have to plug your Prius into to your computer to recharge the batteries.
-I feel closer to Barak Obama.
-Oprah hugged me.
-My Moleskin notebook looks extra cool sitting on the passenger seat.
-Jesus loves me more – this I know is true….