This Stuff Can’t be Made Up

Phone call from my wife:

Me: Hi Baby
Wife: Hello love – I just had to call you…you will never believe what I just saw.
Me: Asteroid?
Wife: No
Me: Bigfoot?
Wife: Shut up and listen!!!
Me: Ok
Wife: The bumper sticker on the vehicle in front of me reads “Save the planet; it’s the only one we got.”
: Nice!!!!
Wife: Don’t interrupt.
Me: Ok
Wife: The woman is driving an SUV and just tossed a cigarette butt out the window.
Me: Did you call Al Gore?
Wife: Shut up…I don’t have Al Gore’s phone number and quit asking.
Me: Is she eating a pop-tart??? Please tell me she is eating a pop-tart while making a cell phone call???
Wife: Shut up
Me: Love you
Wife: Me too, gotta go…