Point of View Writing Workshops

I am in the mist of my first writing workshop. Here is a draft of my homework.

Describing a photo without a view

There is no background, no ambient quality to this photo; only a subject of four people who’s story is told by the expression on their faces.

A widowed grandfather, a happy and observant man, quiet most days is seated back center of the composition. The grandfather watches his two daughters playing a game of dominos. The daughter to his left is divorced, keeps herself occupied by reading and taking care of her father. Her father is not in ill health but the company is good for both of them. His second daughter, Marie, the younger of the two seated to his left, gazing outwardly, is lost in thought. Marie has made bad life choices and lives with her anger, placing blame on no one for her place in this world. The source of her pride is her daughter, the grandfather’s only grandchild, Ella, stands behind her mother.

The two sisters sit face to face at this small card table playing their game. This time spent is a social responsibility to the family. Obliged by tradition, not of connection. Small amounts of coins, one ashtray, and a lighter, but no cigarettes, is on the table.

The granddaughter, pretty, twenty-something and well educated stands behind her mother leaning on her left shoulder. She understands the sacrifices that her mother has made for her. Like her mom and her aunt she is accountable for keeping the family together, although she would rather be elsewhere.

The grandfather holds a small chalkboard pressed to his chest. In his own handwriting he scribbles “I miss Heaven”. That is what he called his wife…Heaven.