Two weeks of life without the computer screen in front of my face. What did I do? First, I miss you…a lot…seriously, hugs all around. Second, I read John Lennon: The life by Philip Norman. Excellent read: 800 plus pages on the life of Lennon and I couldn’t put it down. Filled up my iPod with the entire collection of the Beatles’ albums and I listened to them as I turned the pages on Lennon’s life. Pleasurable time spent.

Watched my daughter enjoy Christmas. She is 3 this year and what she enjoyed the most about the holidays was spending time with her family. She’s still a little too young to enjoy presents. Nonetheless, she takes pleasure in an empty broken down cardboard box and a pink crayon in her hand. That keeps her busy for days, or at least the next 30mins.

I was given a bottle Hennessy Cognac as a gift this year. I can for see this becoming my addiction of choice throughout this year. I feel like I am cheating on Chivas scotch but I’ve been faithful long enough. I call this year’s addiction to cognac my lost weekend of choice.

Next week I will be installing (with my Father) a hardwood floor in my mudroom, which will then turn into my yoga/meditation/guitar/photography/practicing room. It’s nice to have a space of your own. If your wife permits it, and mine does. J Love you E.

Went to the movies this past Sunday to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s good, very good; this movie has rhythm and tempo. It will move you.