Palinism Rant

Sarah Palin has ruined this election campaign for me, as I suspect for others as well. I have been following and trying to educate myself on politics for the last eight years. Not an easy thing to do, cultivating yourself on politics? Politics appears to be more of religion vs. secularism than the civics of our nation.

Then inject the marketing scheme of “Palinism”. If it works, brilliant, and if it fails what a waste of time. You can read my wife’s rants on Palin (here) for an examination of her. For me, this election is only about the marketing of “fear vs. hope” with the right hook of a beauty pageant, PTA, hockey mom and spokes model for the Republican Party (a.k.a. George Bush with girl parts).

For me the gold at the end of rainbow is Tina Fey. God Bless you Tina…you have made all my efforts in this past eight years worth it.

If you want to read a really straightforward (and comical) point of view regarding Palin from a very talented writer, click (here.)