Blog Book & Time Off

The idea of turning the archive of this blog into a book is something that I have been thinking about. (Here) you can download a table of contents with hyperlinks to postings. I have divided the subject into Art, Humor, Conscious Consumer Capitalism, Moment(s), Photo of the Week(s) & Personal. Read it all or just pick the titles that jump out at you… You will need to register (simple, painless & no spam or additional e-mails will be sent to you) to download the document.

In Search of the Original Whatever” My greatest hits and misses from two years of blogging about Art, Morals and truths….

If the birth of this idea goes well the next step will be re-writing and adding some new un-published stuff and then off to the editors.

I am taking time off to clear the head (literally—having sinus surgery, and figuratively—to quiet the mind.)

See you June 2, be nice to each other and remember to eat your vegetables…