Ani Difranco Sound Check

Sunday afternoon my wife and I were privileged to be invited to the Ani Difranco Soundcheck Party, courtesy of our local independent radio station WYEP. Thank you WYEP. You make supporting local radio a pleasure.

Difranco’s songs are authentic, sincere and sung with a poet’s heart. The both of us, and about fourteen other lucky people, were treated to six Difranco songs. Three of the songs have not yet been released (genuine indulgence, thank you). Ani is a fan of using alternative tuning for her guitars, hence why six songs for soundcheck.

Difranco has a pure laugh that could be heard between songs throughout the rehearsal. Smiles, dancing feet and exuberant energy is what she brought to the stage even during soundcheck.

After soundcheck Difranco did a quick meet and greet with us. Just long enough to say ‘hi’ and for us to get a glimpse of that friendly and open face.

PS-For all you Pittsburgh readers out there, the concert was held at Carnegie Library of Homestead. Great sound acoustics, large enough to attract major artists but not too big to get lost.

P.S.S. Photo not taken by me: Photo courtesy of Google images