Up at 6am, shower, coffee and on the sofa by 6:22. I have been giving myself an extra half hour to fully wake-up before starting my day. The extra wake-up time is turning out to be time well spent for my overall health. Yoga and meditation practice are developing into stronger and deeper practices. The prior half hour sitting on the sofa watching television and drinking coffee I am finding to be tremendously dull. Thirty minutes of flipping through the same seven minutes of recycled news, flip on c-span, also uninteresting. Tomorrow I will read a book. My brother-in-law just gave me “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. Seven hundred pages of small print type (paper back), this should get my eyes open.

The “E’s” slept in today. This made my morning even more tedious. Trying not to make noise is no fun. Should have started reading Rand novel, though, I thought Ella would be up at any time. I was wrong. Seven minutes of recycled TV for me.

Reviewing workday with Elizabeth, we are buying some equipment and software. I spent last night educating myself on the new camera. There should be new words for photography. Words like camera and photo seem prehistoric to apply to current technology. The problem I have with this new breed of camera equipment (basically Photoshop and small computer in a box) is the limitless option. Trying to decide what, when and how to use all these infinite choices is a daunting task. Thank God cameras still comes with manual functionality (also limitless but in a good way, plus no menu screen to scroll through).

Walked into an office building, a lot of tall men with bad golf swings who take their jobs too seriously staring at me. Note to self, never trust men in plaid shirts.