What I Like About Polysemy

Great conversation, Polysemy plants seeds for great discussion. Artists spend too much time in the woodshed. You show me an artist that spends 8 to 10 hours a day practicing alone and I will show you an artist who cannot communicate. Art is a language; a language is only of use if it communicates.

Keeping one foot rooted in the classical approach and one foot rooted in the future is a great place to start a discussion. This is what Polysemy provides. You do not have to agree or disagree with what may be presented at Polysemy; nevertheless the writing embodies a generative process towards the development of fine artistry.

Dan Allison, the author of the “Electric Mirror”, keeps a multimedia blog. “The medium is the message, -Marshall McLuhan”. This is the future of art; expansion. This is why I read Allison’s blog; for the expansion of my own thought process.

William Harryman curates the “Elegant Thorn Review”. This blog introduced me to poets and photographers. I am not an enthusiast for poetry, however the flair for the written word intrigues me. I find myself reading this blog for Harryman’s classical approach to the selection of writers and photographers that appear in this blog.

Matthew Dallman writes “The Daily Goose”. To be honest I do not read it for its name. I read it for the kindred-spirit perspective. Integral art is a foundation on classical education, and placed to dig down deep and discover great conversation.

For me, the role of Polysemy represents that. If you follow your artist’s bliss long enough it will intersect with the needs of the world, and that’s worth talking about.