The oddities of society that people just accept

I am sitting in my library trying to read. There is an older man sitting in the common area in the center of the library. This older gentleman is grouting and exhaling sadistically and deafeningly loud every 2 to 3 minutes. This man is not making a sound that you would akin to your grandfather getting up from a chair. This is a sound that horror movies are inspired from. This is driving me nuts!

This is where it gets weird. Nobody else seems to mind. There are at least 15 people within 20 feet of him and they don’t seem to be the least bit bothered. They are not even looking up at him. Nobody is even giving him a dirty look. Come on people you are killing me! Now this is really starting to drive me nuts. There needs to be an uprising and it needs to start now. So I wait peacefully for the uprising to start. No uprising…

It must be me? Am I that shallow that I cannot forgive an older man with a disability of sorts? That I cannot see the kindness of humanity that surrounds this man in his present state?

The oddities of society that people just accept, blessing or a curse…you decide?