Political Mythological

Rob Smith writes: “Please won’t more of the world take our science seriously and see that the rational enterprise is our only hope forward for mankind! Please won’t God just hurry up and die!”

While I do not share Smith’s idea of God dying, I get the point. The mythological view of God no longer works to maintain a positive culture. The same could be said about our state of political ideology, hurry up and die…

The political mythological view of how to run our country is no longer working. “Rational enterprise is our only hope forward for mankind!” This I agree with. I alleged that politics is a follower of the people , “We the people” created the ideology in turn constructing our government. Reflection mixed in with favored conversation, I find political perception to be more of a mythical belief than truth rooted in fact.

Rational- endowed with the faculty of reason, agreeable to reason.

Enterprise- participation or engagement in such projects: Our country was formed by the enterprise of resolute men and women: Boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity.

In this ongoing and upcoming election process, we are about to start hearing a lot about terror threats in the United States. People vote from the idealism that fear serves…not very rational. In conversation, people discuss with me that voting for Bush in ‘04 made them feel safe. Why? It was during his first term of presidency that the worst act of terror was carried out on American soil. Wouldn’t you think a vote for his re-election would inflict greater fear of a terrorist act. Seem rational to you?

I thought that I have been following politics closely for the last couple of years. What I discovered is that I have been following people’s perspectives of politics closely, not the actual act of politics.

Mythological politics cannot continue. The mythology of what and why we vote a politician into office cannot be based on fear or self-serving views. Enterprising, political uprisings need to be based on a transformation and include analysis. The future of politics and “We the people” needs to have the depth and span that treats every conscious being with paramount concern, vowing to free each other from fear.