Diary – a day in the life

2.22.08 woke up at 6am, groggy with a headache but no body ache. Tried to work out (yoga) but I was in too much of a daze from last night’s activities. Defrosted chicken soup for lunch-- Elizabeth makes great soup. She makes great everything; I am very thankful for that. Typically I am not much of a meat eater. For the better part of the last 15 years I have kept a vegetarian diet. Meat is only about 5% of my diet so basically I am about 90% a vegetarian about 85% of the time. Society focus makes it too difficult for me to maintain a 100% vegetarian diet without being rude. Plus I love pepperoni pizza; sometimes pigs must die.

Went outside to warm up the car, snow. Coffee, chicken soup and a peanut butter sandwich and out the door I go. The roads were fine and traffic was surprisingly absent. I made it to my destination half an hour earlier than expected. Not a problem, I had a book with me. I have been reading the Brian Eno diary from ‘96, I like it. I was hoping for more of a creative rapport between him and Bowie’s working partnership. So far it seems kind-of normal and boring but interesting.

6:30 pm went to the Carnegie Museum for a lecture by Stefan Behnish, an Architect. Highly recommend this lecture. The topic was on sustainability and the future of Pittsburgh. What I liked best about the event was that it was sold out. It’s nice to know that there are people in my own community that share some of the same interests as me. A simple definition for sustainability was given that I think can also apply to photography copyrights.

“Sustainability is meeting the needs of present society without hurting the needs of future generations” – Behnish. Applying that definition to photography copyrights means that owning your copyrighted images would equal a sustainable product. You receive the images that fulfill your present needs while being the first generation in your family to have an archival photo product that can be enjoyed by future familial generations. Speculate if people would understand the value of it?

Quick dinner with Elizabeth, fast food not very vegetarian, that’s why it’s 85% of the time; sometimes convenience must kill animals for dinner. Pick Ella up at G3’s house. Picking up Ella is a great experience; she gives me the biggest and longest hugs, which she will not do at home. Not sure why. But who cares…long hugs from a 2 year old angle is love.

10:30 pm nothing on TV, no surprise there. Glass of red wine (‘04 syrah, very good), conversation with E than to bed.