Lifestyle Design

Last night my wife and I were talking about lifestyle design (inspired by the book by Tim Ferriss The Four Hour Work Week”). What do we want our future to hold and how will we get there?

My wife wants to travel more, a lot more. Being photographers this is a very achievable goal, pick a city, spend some money on advertising and book some jobs. Voila, long extended working vacation. If you have a Tuscany villa that you will be renting out in the summer of ‘09 call us. Clean underwear, camera, laptop, tripod, blackberry, plane tickets and we’re off. (P.S a clean place for the baby to sleep would be nice but not mandatory.)

For me the dream goal didn’t come so quickly. Let me tell you how taken aback I was to find my mind blank. I am completely satisfied, blessed or dull. After some contemplation and embarrassment all I could of think of would be to climb a mountain and do extended meditations retreat. At least now we know that I am “dull”. That is it. What a life, a dull existence sitting quietly on a mat with dreams of the mountaintops on the exhale breath. In truth it’s not a bad dream at all. That would completely satisfy the dull. Which I am, epiphany break-through by journaling, I said silently in my head.