French wine, taxes, blackberry and a sushi dinner

The best way to organize your tax information is to have a game plan. My plan included drinking French wine with my wife followed up by a celebratory sushi dinner. Not to celebrate the act of organizing tax information but to rejoice in the act of getting it prepared without killing anyone. Tax preparation for Photographers is an oddly confusing process. The ethics and economics appear to commingle on paper however the ambiguity and logic of the process is a mystery. That is why God invented tax lawyers.

After three hours of categorizing receipts and one bottle chardonnay off we went to buy a blackberry for the business. E-mail and internet on the go, Craig Photography is at this instant swimming deep in the Matrix.

Next we tried Little Tokyo sushi restaurant in Mt. Lebanon, loved it. As a mater of fact I adore everything about Mt. Lebanon. Three of my favorite eateries all on the same block, two great coffee houses, splendid library (great kids library also), art gallery and this community blog.

If you see a drunken couple staggering down Washington Ave in Mt. Lebanon peering down at a “crackberry” all the while managing not to walk into you, say hi…it could me and my wife.