Does birth soil equal entitlement?

I live in the northeast part of the United States. Being born in this part of the world has permitted me to have a blessed life. It can be well argued that my part of the world has the best schools, best healthcare, best job opportunities, even in the current global warming scenario it’s the safest place to live. I will not know poverty, hunger, hopelessness because of where I was born. If you hear me complaining about something it is probably about something that I feel entitled to. The majority of people who live in the northeast part of the United States suffer from soil entitlement rights. It’s not that we are greed or selfish, but we only know of the suffering from lack of entitlement. Hence, why we are blessed, due to the fact of the soil we were born upon. Don’t get me wrong we do have suffering. Suffering is a birth right to all. We have death, crime, disease and devastation but we do not have despair due to that fact of the soil we were born upon.

Human rights, what and odd phrasing of words. It is surprising to me that those words make up a movement of social importance. Human oxygen seems just as odd of a saying as human rights to me. You are born and you breathe. You are born and you have rights. Nonetheless human rights are determined by the soil that you are born on. Life in the United States will be easier than life in Africa. Social activists have created an industry out of getting us to notice the lack of human rights in the world. For the most part we do notice. We donate, we give, we pay attention and succumb to that awful feeling of “Thank God that’s not me”. We live with the soil of entitlement right that was given to us only due to the fact of where we were born.

Every generation sees the fall of man. Be it Noah to the Nazi or slavery to 9/11 there is real evil in the world. This evil continues to fall out between the legs of screaming women. Babies endowed with human rights.

I end this writing on the morning of Christmas Eve. It’s an odd time to post this, it’s an incomplete thought. Hopefully somebody reading this will complete it for me.