This year we sent out Christmas cards without a family photo included. This is not good thing, especially due to the fact that we have a two-year old daughter and I am extremely good looking. (Oh yeah, my wife’s a looker too). We discovered that a Christmas card without a family photo included causes no one to have holiday cheer. To our bewilderment we sent out an environmentally conscious, socially responsible card embedded with the slogan CHEE(RED) on it. Cheer was not received. The sociably-conscious endeavor of the card was not received or understood either. We believe that most people were confused by the whole point of what the card truly meant. The word CHEERED has (RED) in parentheses making the word CHEER indecipherable to those not familiar with the RED campaign. Being a professional photographer and not having time to photograph my own family is only a forgivable act by other photographers. I sent no other photographers a Christmas card.

The moral of this story, take a family photo and save environmentally conscious, socially responsible efforts for your friends who vote democrat.

P.S. Peace on Earth…