Zen Circles & Aperture

Zen circles of enlightenment and the aperture of a camera lens.

1) Enso: a simple circle, free of an accompanying inscription, leaving everything to the insight of the viewer.
2) Aperture refers to the lens diaphragm opening inside a photographic lens. The size of the diaphragm opening in a camera lens regulates the amount of light that passes through.

If Zen has a defining symbol it would be the Enso representing the circles of enlightenment. In photography the symbol would have to be the aperture opening inside the lens. I find it philosophical that enlightenment can be seen through the aperture of a viewer’s perspective.

“The Zen symbol "supreme" is an enso, a circle of enlightenment. The Shinjinmei, written in the sixth century, refers to the Great Way of Zen as "A circle like vast space, lacking nothing, and nothing in excess," and this statement is often used as an inscription on enso paintings.”

This is how I choose to feel, view and compose when I raise the camera to my eye. Andrew Ilachinski quoted these words on a comment on my blog.

Minor White's words: "Spirit always stands still long enough for the photographer It has chosen." Implicit in this, is that Spirit identifies the photographer by the sincerity with which he or she seeks Spirit.