Musical Creatures

We are musical creatures. Music is a biological make-up embedded in our DNA. My daughter is not yet two and she loves to dance to music. We never taught her to dance or even thought about teaching it to her at such a young age. Nonetheless she dances all the time. It was just a natural part of her development as was crawling to walking. We helped out a lot in the crawling and walking department. Dancing was all on her own, sparked by the music. . When music comes on the TV or the stereo the first thing she does is get up and starts swaying to the music. (By the way, let proud father brag, she dances like one those cute Disney penguins from the movies.)

Music is life. It arouses emotions, thoughts, memories. It improves tastes, colors and even smells. It serves as inspiration and blesses the sacred in our lives. What is life if not enjoying the primary senses? Music can heal. Now, music cannot mend broken bones or act as a band-aid, but it can control, mediate and balance our heart rate, brain waves and breath flow for oxygenating our bodies.

Music has carried me on my journey through life, in a best friend type of way. Today I use music in a more ambient art form. I design my life and the background of my surroundings for the music to fit the mood. I practice my yoga and meditation to music that deepens the vibrations of my substance and thoughts. I read almost everything exclusively to Bach: cello suites. I drive to music that is fun. Music at its paramount for me is spent while I am drinking a bottle of red wine and having conversation with my wife.

In the opening preface of Musicophilia it asks what developed first, language or music? My answer: the heart started with a beat.