Be Nice Part 2

Thinking about my previous post, "Be nice", and the comments and e-mails I received after the posting. The general synopsis is that Hitler is bad (Not Nice) and that he was an atheist. Therefore, atheists would not run the world any better than people of faith.

After doing some Internet research it looks to me that Hitler was not a proclaimed atheist, just actually a horrific Christian. Not a huge leap to assume why he was a really bad Christian. Whole dominant race conquering the world thing in conjunction with the executions of 5(plus) million innocent lives. It got me pondering "what if Hitler wanted to create the perfect religion instead of the perfect race"? And "what if Hitler was a preacher instead of a politician"?

Take a look at this map "The History of Religion". It seems if you want to spread your faith you need to conquer the world. Take notice of the religions that have not stretched out towards global dominance, no war, no genocide, no terrorists, no TV shows preaching, "this is the only true God".

Is nice not enough to go global? Did Hitler fail because he picked politics instead of religion? Hopefully he failed because people realized he is not nice.