Be Nice

What happened to the Christians? Read this: Book of Matthew. Now that is Christianity (including Jesus). Not sure if you noticed this but Jesus the "Christ" has been missing in Christianity as of late. I am no preacher but let me stand on my soap box and rant.

Why not let the Humanists or Atheists run the world? They seem nice. There has never been a war, killing, or genocide in the name of an Atheist. No propaganda, guilt, miss-guided donation done in the name of a Humanist. Let's turn over all political control to the Humanist/Atheist while we're at it. I'll bet you healthcare would be universal and free then.

Why does religion have to be right? Going back to the Book of Matthew
, Jesus simply says be nice. Why/when did nice become hard? I guess writing these words are not really nice of me? Possibly we were not created to be nice? There goes being created in the image of God, right out the window. Perhaps God is not nice. That would certainly answer a lot of questions about the state of the world.

I believe that God is love. Why? Because it feels nice. Jesus' words are nice. This means we have the innate ability to be nice. Right?