Current Reading: A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder by Michael Pollan. I love this book. It is taking me longer to read than most books nevertheless I am enjoying the progression very much. It’s kind of like Thoreau meets Gary Snyder meets This Old House TV show.

Music: Reality by David Bowie – I have been a long time Bowie fan, I read somewhere that “every time Bowie puts out a new album he loses fifty percent of his audience, and that every time Bowie puts out a new album he gains sixty percent of a new audience”. That holds true for this music. Track number ten is my favorite, “Bring me the Disco King”, Bowie gets jazzy.

Mood: A little irritated, see thought/rant below.

Sounds: Humming vents, the air conditioner kicked in for the first time this year.

Smells: Curry: had lunch today at my much treasured Indian restaurant. Love the food although the aroma stays with you longer than I would like.

Sights: Keyboard as I type this post.

Temperature: 67 degrees

Thoughts: I should be calling this a “rant” today: There has been an influx of people in my life as of late who are causing their own diseases and ailments. Then justifying their right to be ill. Stating that the government should not allow corporations to sell products that will make you sick. Please listen to me: smoking cigarettes will give you cancer, drinking six cans of soda a day will rot your teeth, eating your body weight in high fatty processed food will cause heart disease. Moderation does not mean daily, put “it” down, whatever the “it” is in your life.