Far From Home – by Jeremy Willet

Far From Home – A Band, Its Story, Hope For Africa by Jeremy Willet

This book is the “it” that we are all searching for. The “it” that is the turning point in our lives. If you are a reader of this blog then you understand my ideology on conscious economics and living with a purpose. If you can provide for your family by doing what you love and if you can help to create a better world at the same time, what could be better? For motivation, a kick in the butt, a little humor and for the gospel of truth about what is happening in Africa today, read this book. Far From Home – A Band, Its Story, Hope For Africa by Jeremy Willet

Jeremy Willet writes, “If WILLET as a band exists solely for the purpose of sponsoring children in Africa, then our efforts are 100% worth it”.

Upon my fist reading of this book I jotted down these words: raw meditative read that invites the reader to think outside the comfortable scope of their daily life. A book that should be recommended reading for any high school or college student who is searching for a purpose in life; a book that includes humor, life on the road, music and Africa.

Jeremy Willet is the lead singer of WILLET and the author of Far From Home. Jeremy is on a mission. The mission OPERATION 400, The GOAL 400 children sponsored in Africa. To learn additional information about Jeremy, WILLET and OPERATION 400 click here.