Live Consciously + Think Integrally

In my prior writings I have been focusing on worldviews, self-effort and conscious economics. In doing this I realized that most of my spending comes down to ecological and/or political acts. Where do I want my footprints to be left? In an effort of trying not to tread in the greed of monopolizing corporations I try my best to spend my money in accordance with my ethics. With that said I do not drive a hybrid car (yet) nor do I live in a sustainable home, nevertheless efforts to purchase eco-friendly, energy-saving products and local produce is at the forefront of how I prefer to spend my money. Honestly, sometimes I have to shop at corporations that put profits before people. In these places I know that my purchase will help to support sweatshops, animal cruelty, toxins in our food and global warming; however I walk away with the knowledge that my purchase was made from an educated, conscious decision. For that I am thankful to the citizens that provide us daily with information of how our money is being spent. I can walk away from a corporation that is not aligned with my ethics, offer a prayer of gratitude in my heart for the people and land that produced the merchandise and ask for forgiveness for what I have done.

That is the lesson I am trying to learn and live: To be conscious of my economics no matter how the money is spent. Not to neglect or turn away from the information that is provided to me, to live consciously in growth and effort.