Effort is the only solution

Things that bug me:

1) Global Warming

2) Toxins in our food

3) Dependency on oil

4) People being too numb to care

Often I have conversations about the state of the world. Repeatedly, people agree with the problems facing humanity. Nevertheless they feel the issues are too overwhelming for the average citizen to make a difference. That is where I take the utmost offense. There is no longer any confidence in the endeavor to revolutionize the world. Effort is the only solution.

How do you feel when looking into the collective conscience to find that individual effort has fallen short? That individual behavior is unaffected by the information provided to us? What will history write regarding our generation? In the end the Earth will not lose. She will heal herself to be reborn again and again: however, will she invite humanity back?

Sustainability happens within the interior of our emotions: if we can star with compassion in our heart and minds. Then the exteriors action of our dollars will be spent in conjunction with the ethics needed to save this planet. Self effort is the only solution.