Resolute to my Resolutions

To be resolute to my resolutions...that is the question? Preceding years I have been faithful to my New Year's resolutions, I have meditated and practiced yoga for two/three years with steady improvement. I have maintained this blog and my health for the last year. I have increased my technical abilities in this ever-expanding digital world; this year will not have such a strong focus on that in which it did last year. (Thank God)

Now, this year 2007, what shall I resolute to do?

-Write two essays a month in conjunction with this blog.
-Use the book "The Elements of Style" while writing this blog.
-Document/create a black & white photo gallery of city nightlife.
-Stay true to yoga, meditation and macrobiotic diet.
-#1 declaration of 2007 is to be a good husband and father.