Meditation Plus David Lynch

Transcendental meditation plus David Lynch and you got my interest peaked. I am no fan of David Lynch's movies except Twin Peaks (I know - Blue Velvet, but I just don't dig it) - (Mulholland Dr. Go see Stuart Davis for a review on that film) but I am an immense fan of listening to his talks or reading about his works. Wired magazine has an extended interview with him where he talks about his own personal relationship with meditation and how it fits into his creative world.

Personally, I share David's view on meditation - to expand your consciousness. The more I meditate the less I understand the entire process but feel complete by the practice. I compare it to a spiritual practice in which you move from a legalistic view to a grace-filled view, to a communion experience, to a mystic state of being. With that being said I am no Buddha or enlightened being, but the clarity and focus of emotional wellness that I experience is an exceptionally fulfilling feeling.

Meditation and the creative experiences is almost certainly different for everyone, for David it is digging deeper into the ever expanding pool of pure consciousness. For me (I am still searching for the pool) it is more like, working on the foundation of your skills, you can't play guitar if you don't pick it up. A better example, you can't hear the world if you don't sit down and listen. In concluding, meditation is oxygenating your body it is the nutrition for your body and mind: In case of an emergency breath and smile.