Political Atheism

I am from the church of non-believers when it comes to the state of current politics. My views appear to be straightforward and simple but presently most people do not agree with them. When our current president has one hand on the bible and one hand on the military (or nuclear bomb) that is not a good place to be. How can smart people still believe in current politics? When did the rational dialogue of running for political office become 30 seconds of argumentative sponsor announcements shoved between Jerry Springer and Oprah. Stop arguing on TV. We all change the channel and are tuning you out. Or better yet go on the Dr. Phil show and let him work out all your political issues.

There is currently an uprise of articles about the end faith and/or how religious conviction is the end of the free world. Where are all the articles on the end of politicalism? Fear-based politicalism has to stop. Unfortunately I do not have any answers to any of my questions but I am convinced if you ask the person to the right or the left of you, they have the "universally correct answer that is so completely obvious to solve all the worlds problems and why doesn't the world understand my single point-of-view answer that would collectively solve all the worlds' problems if only they listened to me" answer. Also I am positive that they think they are right because don't we all think we are right. Right? Change your perspective on anything: that will make the world a better place.

Lastly, have you ever noticed that people who call themselves "politically conservative" are the most judgmental people that you know and the people that call themselves "politically liberal" are the most conservative people that you know?