-Do you think you are right? Most people I know think that they are right and that their point of view or perspective is the only and correct way to think. At best they say something like "that may work for others but not for people like us". Us? When did we become an "us"? Who are the collective "us" that can someday become the communal "we" with a singular viewpoint of the entire integrated world. Here is an example: ask somebody their point of view on anything. The we/us love to spill our thoughts on anything: but notice if your view or perspective is asked of? "Why?!", I scream quietly to myself, is there not a shift in perception? Is everybody right? Constantly? Are all the Monday morning quarterbacks, political-wanna-be pundits, mothers-in-law, person sitting next to you right now: all RIGHT? Where are the births of new ideas to shut all of these people up? Do you not agree with me? I must be right.