Bach is Back in my Life

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Bach is back in my life. Last night was the first time in about six months that I pulled out my Bach transcriptions book and started working through some of my favorite pieces. I played well, actually, unexpectedly well. I am afraid that I have nowhere to go but down in my performance ability. With that being said, I will continue to drudge through.

Bach brings so much to my compositional thought process, principally because I have to play slowly to understand where I am going to attain an understating of the music. Often when I am learning a new piece I will start at the end of the last stanza and play to the beginning of the first stanza. Then when I have the technique down I can play the music in the manner in which it was written. I can enjoy the music in the path in which it was written, giving me the reward to enjoy the transcendental capability of work.