Transcendental composition

Vulnerability, naïve, susceptibility: are these strong traits for an artist? Are these high-quality traits for a spiritual leader?

The reason I started this post with 3 words with a negative connotation and end the sentence with spiritual leader and artist is because in a time of personal or global troubles this is where society turns for healing. The focus on weakness, art and leadership are typically not a starting point for transcendental moment. Moreover they can be the nexus point for the creative spark to ignite. The majority of artist people have a connection or a faith in a higher power. Classically this belief is confirmed when producing works greater than your capability, that moment when you become the vessel for the art to move through. So why vulnerability, naïve, susceptibility: because these are the traits that leave you open to new thoughts, feelings and expressions. They are humbling moments of grace. Denial of a flaw is the end of the creative instant. Art has a responsibility to serve. Art has a responsibility to heal. Art should give us the ability to look into a photograph, not simply at it.

Transcendental composition only begins when you get up from knowing that you were previously incorrect. Artistic techniques in conjunction with meditation practice will help you to produce a transcendental composition. Transcendental composition can be that divine healing in our time of need.