Red Wine Photography

Nature photography is nothing more than a reoccurring motif: a balance of contrast of color with the relationship to the light.

Currently I have been struggling to find time to work on my latest project do to reoccurring health problems, but as of today I am feeling much better and its looks like I will be able to get some photography in tomorrow morning (weather permitting). This autumn has been a glorious one here in Pittsburgh, the colors are bright and crisp and the leaves are just starting to fall of the trees and the refection off the water is just shy of mystifying.

With me on the side lines for the bulk of this season I have been able to really think about the emotions and the interiors of my recent project. Too often photographers can get lost in only thinking about the external and the exteriors of there projects. As kismet would have it my sidelining has given me the opportunity to replay and re-shot this project over and over again (the easiest editing I have ever done). I have been thinking about how I would like the viewer to feel when looking at this work. Atmospheric, emotional, story telling, lost in thought, feeling of red wine. Red wine photography, I like that phrase that is what I am going for.