Service & Compassion

People are praying for me and I feel guilty. Right now people are dying of starvation, waterborne diseases and AIDS, one death per second globally.

Psalm 103 “I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things he does for me. He forgives all my sin. He heals me.”

I have received phone calls, e-mails, personal cards and hugs from people all followed up with the phrase “I am praying for you.” I should be thankful, appreciative and humbled for the out pouring of prayers that have come my way. However I have a guilt inside me that wishes people would not pray for me. I know that sound awful but I can not help filling that I am not worthy of these prayers.

I have Transverse Myelitis which may or may not develop in to MS. I think of this time in my life to be my cross to bear or my dark night of the soul. Even saying that or in this case typing that feel overly dramatic to me on my part. Truthfully I feel at peace in my heart that will carry me thought this process. I believe that my personal practice of body, mind & spirit will be my cure: additionally and most importantly the love of and from my wife is truly my rock to lean on.

Please forgive me for this request: Please do not pray specifically for me. May your prayers be a world centered prayer focused on forgiveness of self and other, focused on healing for self and other. May we all act in service to one another. – Namaste-