Service & Compassion part II

Perspective or Confusion

I have been writing in this blog about how love, suffering & service go hand in hand. On the opposite side I have been wondering about what we call evil, hurtful, bad luck or simply mean spirited nature.

There is pain in the world & we can not avoid the experience of this. We may hold on to the saying “Every cloud has a silver liningwith suffering there is blessing. Unfortunately we need to go through the experience and then reflect back on it to see the blessing that occurred.

I have seen a friend of mine go through a personal struggle lately: Her suffering has been base in a true nature of service to the world. Although her struggle has failed to provide her with the result that she desired. She called me to express her feeling and hopefully to get some kinds words from me to comfort her: but I had no words for her experience. I simple said there are no words to express what you have gone through. Initially I want to say that I will pray for you. (See yesterday post as why I did not say that to her) After giving it some thought I think prayer could be the best self- therapy/meditation for her.

I would ask her prayers to be thankful for this moment, for this current breath, for all of life experience that has brought her to this moment of NOW. That she could see that all past struggles and disappointment have been blessing. That has made her a person who would take on a challenge of great meaning. That she could have the needed perspective to see clearly. That she may have all her confusion wiped away.