Are You an Excuse-er?

Excuses are as thick as water and as damaging as a flood.  

Stop giving me excuses for the “whatever” in your life. Stop giving me excuses for something that you do not want to face. Stop giving me excuses.

Industries are built around excuses. You want to get rich? Sell excuses. People love excuses.  I watch daily as people purchase pre-packaged failure (a.k.a the excuses we re-name the cure).

Look around and see how much failure people purchase: books, pills, workout equipment, quick-fix anything, 30 days to a better anything...the list goes on to infinity.

When we purchase something we can place blame on the failed product and not on ourselves.

I actually know “so called self-improvement specialists” that love to see the failure in the students in the workshops they teach. For the record, these people teach world class workshops with beneficial information. But here's the catch: they know that your are not going to apply what they are offering up to you. If you did, they would quickly be out of business. A good future business model is in continually selling to the “excuse-ers”.   Ninety nine percent of the students will never apply the knowledge. Only 1% actually does apply the knowledge and they become the testimonials to help market to the future “excuse-ers”.

We can all see in other people how excuses are effecting their lives, but can you see the excesses in your own life? What excuses do you daily tell yourself? What is stopping you from getting on the correct path? What is blocking your trail?

Want to know what people hate?


At this point you are saying “no” to yourself. You are saying that “I love solutions, I am in search of solutions.”

People hate solutions, especially simple solutions. Simple solutions mean that you will need to do the work.  Put forth the effort. Make the change. Face your excuses.

Excuses give us room to insert doubt. They give us permission to rule out that the effort will create change. The oil, dairy, big pharma and cigarette industries are all in the business of selling us doubt. All too often when we are present with doubt, doubt will be the excuse we will pick, be it dirty, be it lazy, be it disease. Doubt is an excuse.

Doubt is not truth. Doubt does not create a better world. Doubt creates debt, disease and death.

People often present me with their excuses (problems). I give them my two cents worth of my opinion and tell them to do the work (solution building). They respond by telling me that they never thought of "it" that way before and that I should be the next Tony Robbins.

After some time passes I try to follow up with these people.  Shockingly they have not done the work (living with the excuse) to create their own solution. Maybe I would be a failure as the next Tony Robbins (that is my excuse, life experience)….maybe, just maybe if I was six feet tall with extremely white teeth and charged people thousands of dollars before listening to their excuses...just maybe then I could be the next Tony Robbins.  Or at least rich.

Dream big,
Do the work.