Is The Photograph Dead?

Is the photograph dead?

I ask myself this question as our photography business is about to branch into print sales for the first time since entering the digitals age. For the past ten years we have not sold a single photograph.  (yes, yes, yes we have sold albums but this post is about wall art) We have sold thousands of digitals files, CD’s, DVD’s and downloads.  We have filled up hard drives, shipped out flash drives, taken up plenty of space on the cloud.

How much wall space have we filled? I have no idea.

At every wedding and funeral there sits a legacy table.  A table filled up with photos documenting the love and life of those who are being celebrated. I have to ask myself: is my work adding to that table? Or will future tables be filled up with computer screens scrolling through facebook and smart phone photo albums?

In a month I will be having a galley show of my photographs. Actual real life photos hung on a wall for people to look at.  (You’re Invited) (there will be wine)

Is a gallery showing the right word to use? Is the notion of looking at photos more of a museum experience?  Walking through a room with relics of the past. Picture this: you walk into the Egyptian room, next the Medieval room, then up last the prehistoric room of memories showing a space displaying how humans once chose to remember and celebrate each other.

What do you think? What is a legacy photo worth to you?