Information or knowledge; which would you rather have?

Information is microwave cooking. Knowledge is homemade spaghetti sauce.

In today’s world we have lots and lots of different information sources.  We can ask a search engine whatever our heart desires and a list of thousands of information sources will appear.  But, that is not knowledge.  It’s only a list of information.

What if the web search engine asked you a question back? Engaged you in a dialogue, asked you why? “Why” is a good starting place for knowledge.  People do not ask why enough; we accept thing just as they are.

Why is mystical. Why is life-changing. Why is the birth of knowledge.

Technology has not yet moved towards asking the question “why” of the users (but the singularity is near). Until the merge of silicon and carbon two-legged homosapiens there is still a place for discovering knowledge.

Have a conversation.

Go deep into a conversation with someone and you will learn something new.

Once a month I have a coffee meet-up with a friend. He’s sort of a tribe elder to my mystic heart.  We talk life, Zen, business and books. I ask questions and he shares from his experiences. Being the tribe elder he has many more life-experiences than I. As my graying hair slowly takes over my face I too hope to be a tribe elder to some young artist-monk type; someone to whom I can share my mistakes with.

Information has no mistakes.  That is why it is an avalanche of crap to sort through to find the whatever you are searching for.  Knowledge, that bugger, is filled up with mistakes.  You got to mess up to get to the truth.  

Conversation is dying I am sad to say.  It’s hard enough to get people to listen to you.  Expecting feedback and engaging dialogue...that may seem prehistoric to some, in the search engine world to often the machine become our trusted savior and society turned into the fallen form grace crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the search engine. If it was not for the magical powers of Google I would have never been able to spell homosapiens or avalanche.
I would have chosen lesser words like man or lots. We both know that this blog post needs a little creative flare.

Blog posts are sort of conversation-like.  Most blog posts start out with a question or a curious thought.  Then we as the writers hope to engage you the reader in a dialogue via comments or e-mail. Personally I am bad at both.  I turned my comments off years ago because I did not want to referee arguments between budding artists that read my work and rarely do I return e-mails. But that’s just me.  There is stampede of bloggers who want to go deep into a conversation with you.

Go Forth
Go Deep
Have a Conversation