Doing or Not Doing

2013 the year of doing or not doing, which side are you on? 

Goal is a word that I do not like. I try seldom to use it.

I like setting experiences for myself. To enjoy experiences you need to do the work.  The experience is the grand celebration for all the effort. Yet all too often experiences seem to get expensive, (travel the world, Everest, Chicago marathon). The Chicago marathon is my experience that I am going for this October. For me, I need to say my experiences out loud for them to happen.  When I say the words out loud then the doing part becomes part of who I am.  That's how it works for me.

Running is the doing and the marathon is the experience...simple, purposeful.

Doing is fun. Doing is affordable. Doing never lets you down. Doing is good for your soul and your waistline.  When you are doing you are definitely not-doing.

Not-doing is where disease, fat, depression and all those other random ghosts in your life come from. Demons never seep into the do’er life. Ever notice that? Doing is good.

The practice of creativity is simply the act of doing something. I love that.

No need to go out and buy a bunch of motivational crap to fill up your bookshelf, or iPad or whatever digital device that you bought as the catalyst crutch to the new you. When you're doing you do not need stuff; or at least not too much stuff.

My workshops are filling up fast. The first one is sold out.  Teaching these workshops are one of the highlights of my year.  The class is filled up with a bunch of doers.  I love these people.  Dreamers of creating simply for the purpose of doing something new.

2013 f-the new year resolution. Become a doer…..